Why Tyres Are So Important?

Tyres have always been in the demand for all the drivers because they are an important part of a vehicle without which it is of no use. Tyres not only supports the vehicles but also ensures balance by keeping constant contact on the roads.

Why are tyres so special?

Car Tyres Morecambe is becoming very unique and special because of the up-gradation in technology and superior skills. Manufacturers are continuously ensuring a new type of tyres every season.

There are many technological and tread patterns used to produce special types of tyres? Some of them are-

  1. 5 pitch noise reduction- It is a specially designed tread pattern that reduces the noise level of a vehicle to ensure driving is smooth and quiet. The tread block compounds are made together to produce noise-canceling waves of sound while the tyre is working.
  2. Weather grip Hp tread- This is a unique tread compound made from the amalgamation of SBR and L.L carbon to ensure longer durability and less wearing with great performance on the wet surface.
  3. Power V tread- This pattern is made from the original racing tyre by removing water from the centre of the tyre. Its special V pattern helps to disperse water easily thereby reducing the risk of hydroplaning which creates better contact with the road.
  4. Special wrap shoulders strips- They are nylon wraps that reinforce the tyre. It is positioned between steel belts and tread which covers the entire tyre. It doesn’t have a seam, unlike most of the standard tyres.
  5. Uni-directional pattern- It is a pattern that ensues maximum wet and dry performance.

A vehicle is only able to perform well if the tyres are well equipped and work fine. Bridgestone tyres Morecambe can be divided into many categories- passengers, part-worn, bald, run-flat, etc. But their most important distinction lies in the temperature or the weather condition. There are winter, summer, all season.

Summer tyres can only be used if the temperature exceeds 7-degrees. The treads are very broad which ensures a great grip.

The compound in summer tyre is meant for resisting high temperature. Although, using them in adverse winters is not a good option.

Winter tyres should be used in temperatures below 7 degrees. The compounds and tread structure in

they enable them to withstand wet and snowy surfaces.

The rubber in the standard tyre starts to lose the elasticity to properly grip the road. But in winter tyres, there are plenty of ingredients with more silica in it which helps to retain them.

Winter tyres significantly help to balance the vehicle and gives a strong grip on the road. The groves in the tyres are wide and deep and can form a bigger passage to dispose of extra snow and water. The rubber is used more naturally in these tyres as compared to other synthetic use of hard rubbers.

But these tyres have some drawbacks as well. They are not effective in temperatures above 7 Degrees as the grip may get damaged.